Week 2 Days 6 to 9 The Three Gorges Dam Project


This week you will research the environmental, economic and cultural impacts of the Three Gorges Dam project in prepartion for a debate titled:

“That China's Three Gorges Dam project should continue.”


three gorgesYou are to research the Three Gorges Project and create a script that persuasively outlines your arguments as to why the project should OR should not continue.

Your task is to take on the role of an advocate who supports Chinas Three Gorges Dam project or a protestor who is against the project. Your have been invited to participate in a debate about the environmental, cultural and economic impacts of the project.

Up the Yangtze...a movie documentary about the Three Gorges Dam project.



Websites to use for your research.






As you look through these websites think about the 'authority' of these websites. Do you think that they would have any bias?? Respond to this question in your individual blog. Why would any of these sites be biased?


Planners and criteria sheet.

Note taking framework for your research on the Three Gorges Dam.
Use this structure to plan your debate script.
Criteria sheet, debate script.