Friday, April 25th, 2014

Limited choice of schooling

Sub Categories
GI: Geographic Isolation
  • A student must live at least 16km from the nearest state school and at least 4.5km from a school transport service
NOTE: If a student lives less than 4.5km from a school transport service, they may still be eligible to enrol under this category if
  • they live at least 56km from the nearest state school
  • it is at least three hours travelling time per day to and from school using the closest school transport service.
IT: Itinerant Lifestyle
  • The student’s place of residence is mobile within Queensland for the majority of the school year, due to family employment or business circumstances
ME: Medical
  • A student who has a medical condition, which makes attendance at a regular school inappropriate, maybe be eligible to enrol under this category
  • To be eligible, supporting documentation from a medical practitioner or registered psychologist must be provided, including details of the medical condition and the reasons for its precluding attendance at a school
FC: Family Carer
  • The student is unable to attend a local school regularly due to the need to undertake parenting or their own child OR because they have other carer responsibilities
  • Documents must be provided to support such an application.
EX: Exclusion
  • The student is of compulsory school age and has been excluded from all state schools in Queensland, or has been excluded from their local state school and is unable to attend the next nearest state school for reasons of excessive distance (as detailed under the category of Geographic Isolation)
OT: Other
  • The Director General of Education and Training has the discretion to approve eligibility of other students for whom it is not reasonable to attend a regular school and who does not fit any of the preceding categories
  • Applications are made through a School of Distance Education