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RREAP Payment to GI families


Parents of our geographically isolated students will soon receive an email asking them to confirm their attendance at school events, in order to receive a special payment to help reduce financial costs for remote students.  Cairns SDE has received $26,400 and intends to support our geographically isolated students by apportioning funding based on the distance travelled to school events during Terms 2 and 3, 2015.  School events included in the financial calculation will include student attendance at:

  • Annual Camp

  • Cairns Mini School

  • Peninsula & Cooktown (Laura) Mini School

  • Savannah Mini School

  • Tablelands Mini School

  • Curriculum Camp – Cert II Hospitality Restaurant Block training (July)

  • Instrumental Music Camp – Term 2 and 3

  • FNQ Combined State Schools Instrumental Music Camp – Term 3

  • Robotics Camp – Term 3

To be considered for this special payment, we need to know the distance travelled from your property residence to our school.  To apply for funding please:

  1. Advise which school events your student attended during Term 2 and/or 3 from the list above
  2. Send us a map showing the calculation in kilometres from your home to school (and if you went to Mini-School at a different location – from your home to that location as well)
  3. Please address “2015 RREAP Extraordinary funding” and email directly to: or post to school as normal before 10 September 2015.

We will then review your student’s attendance at the events on the list above, to determine an overall total of distance travelled by all geographically isolated families, and apportion the funding and subsequent payment to your family on that basis.

Amount of funding is $24,600

Total distribution will be $24,600 divided by total km’s travelled for all GI families to all events to get per km amount (A).  (A) x total km per family = family payment.

Families will need to submit a map showing the road distance travelled in kilometres from residence to Cairns School of Distance Education (or home to the mini-school location) as soon as possible but no later than 31 August 2015 for inclusion in the calculation and subsequent payment. 

Attendance at events listed above will be confirmed via Student rolls/teacher confirmation of participation.

Kilometres will be calculated on a per trip basis not student headcount.

Payment will be calculated in September and paid to families early in Term 4.

Why is accommodation not included? 

  • As the Connellan Trust is advertised to Geographically Isolated families each year and is an ongoing school practice to offset accommodation costs, we felt using the RREAP monies would be seen as ‘double dipping’.   At the moment, we have been quite discouraged by the limited uptake of the available funding offered by Connellan and we refund monies back to them each year.  If there is any suggestion as to how to improve this process we’d be happy for feedback.

  • Camp accommodation is identified in the Connellan Trust funding.

  • For more information about the Connellan Trust and funding process please email

Can parents be reimbursed for camp fees and costs?

  • Each camp cost a different amount depending on the activities and year levels for the students involved, based on what we had to pay external suppliers.  Some people may perceive a disadvantage with small children and a $35.00 reimbursement vs an older child with a $160.00 reimbursement.   

  • By using the distance travelled as our baseline, the ratio of payment will be greater to families and by working the payment on the distance travelled, we see a fairer distribution of funds.  The payment will not be $xx per KM travelled, it will be KM travelled by family, divided by the total KMs travelled by all as a ratio of the total payment of $26,400. 

  • For processing the payment, asking parents only to provide their KM map from home to school will be much less work with school staff checking the attendance register for events, rather than worrying about who stayed in paid accommodation / private accommodation with friends/relatives – evidence etc so it is viewed as transparent and equitable (as is required for public monies).

  • Some families didn’t come to camp but did come to other events and wouldn’t benefit.

Is there a reason Term 4 events are not included– I.e.  Celebration week which incorporates Music Camp and the swimming program?

  • Due to the influx of work tasks in Term 4 and 1, families wouldn’t see the money until March 2016 (all going well) which is not the funding intent.  As part of getting the funding to parents sooner rather than later, we decided not to include Term 4 / end of year as it related to ‘celebration’  and not key learning area activities that would have detrimental effect if students didn’t attend.

Can my family apply for funding if we didn’t attend any of the events listed in the funding overview above?

  • The distribution of funds is at the discretion of the Principal at each of the Schools of Distance Education. 

  • If you were unable to attend any of the school events listed, please write an email to (marked 2015 RREAP FUNDING CONFIDENTIAL) describing the circumstances that prevented you from attending the events in Terms 2 and 3 and whether you attended any school curriculum events in Term 1 or intend to in Term 4.   This email needs to be received by the Principal prior to 30 August 2015 for consideration. 

  • The Principal will consider each application on its merits, may contact you for further information in order to make his final decision.

  • As you may appreciate, the decision will affect all geographically isolated families eligible for funding, and the decision will not be taken lightly.