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April 14
Writing Project Term 2 2016

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be an entertaining and informative stream of blogs for term 2, 2016. This term sees the commencement of an exciting writing project with the year 4/5 classes, Ms Hopkirk, Mrs Brouwer and Ms Hamilton. I will be writing my blogs on a weekly basis and the year 4/5 class will provide me with feedback on how I can become a better writer and blogger. At the end of the term they will give me a rating from A-E based on a criteria sheet that they will write for me. I look forward to their feedback and help to make me a better writer. I hope I can get a “B” or better.
So here goes year 4/5…
This week has seen me bedridden after an operation to repair a hernia (think of flattened toad, guts oozing out and you trying to poke the guts back in with a stick). My adventures in hospital were like dad jokes, irritatingly painful and at the same time re-assuring and comforting. The nurses and surgeon looked after me so well and the anaesthetist Dr Em was fantastic. He said that he knew some of our students from life-saving.
Before my surgery last week, Helen (my wife), Mungo (our border collie) and I went to Chillagoe and camped for three days. It was absolutely ‘marbleous’ there. This was my third visit to Chillagoe (the first being in 1981). That was long enough ago that a sandwich I left behind had fossilised. We visited a number of marvellous sites and enjoyed swimming in Chillagoe Creek.
This week we said goodbye to Mrs Potter who is taking long-service leave before retiring. She is a wonderful teacher who will be dearly missed by all of us at Cairns SDE. If you want to leave a kind message for her please do so by emailing me directly or leaving a comment on this blog. I will ensure that these get passed on to her. We wish Mrs Potter all the very best for the future. Thank you Mrs Potter.
Have a great weekend.
Mr Oliver.


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