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Cairns School of Distance Education > Calendar and news > Principal's blog > Posts > 22.04.16
April 26

​This week we have been busier than a meat ant at a BBQ.  Our teachers and teacher aides have gone back to class to investigate more ways to teach reading and writing.  The teacher of the 'class' was Dr Alison Davis.  I was banished to the back of the room, a place that I was all to familiar with during my education.  It is where I spent most of my junior secondary and university education.  Dr Davis lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is currently working with a number of schoools throughout Far North Queensland.  We will continue working with Dr Davis to extend our knowledge of what works best for teaching our students.

On Friday our school had our on-line Anzac Day Ceremony.  Our special guest was Mr Alistair Clarke who was a former British Commando with the Royal Marines.  He gave a personal and moving account of war.  Thanks to Ms Maree Collins for organising this event.

On Monday, I was knocked out of this world when I saw Ms Hopkirk.  She had a 'moonboot' on to help her heal an injured 'pinky'.  Call the Police, I thought to myself, because at least they know what it's like Walking on the Moon.  But they sent me back a Message in a Bottle saying that they would'nt need to help Ms H as Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.  Year 4/5, you may need to ask your parents about the references in italics or you can click here to find out more.)  I hope Ms H has a speedy recovery and that she's able to dance by annual camp week.  Hopefully the dance she does is a salsa and is not break-dancing:) 

Aye Karumba!  At the end of term we have our annual bike ride to Karumba.  It covers 780klm in 7 days and raises funds to support your education.  Young Archie has been busy fundraising and has already raised over $1000.00.  You can support Archie by clicking on this link and donating or by sharing the link with other people in the community.  Click here to support Archie! 

Several staff, our P & C President and I are off to Brisbane this week for a meeting with the other six schools of distance education.  I will let you know what we discuss and decide in next week's blog.  Have a productive and enjoyable week.


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