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May 31
Week 7's Blog

Wow! What an exciting week at Cairns SDE.  We’ve had boating, high ropes, Aikido, Chinese Dancers, pizza, canoeing, boomerang throwing, Indonesian food, German sausages, relays and jumping (long and high) among many other exciting events and activities. It was our annual camp week and what a week people had.  A special thanks to Mr Zhang for organising the Culture and Well Being Day and Ms Sach for leading the Sports Day. Congratulations must go to Super Gilbert for winning the sports day for the very first time. They breed them tough in savannah country.
Of course there was one major disappointment.  The Cairns SDE staff lost the tug-of-war competition against the parents.  We will have to train harder next year.  The staff may have to be given extra homework before next year’s rematch.
One of the great aspects of camp week is seeing and feeling the good will everyone at our school shows towards each other.  This is seen from our e-kindy students all the way through to the Year 12 students.  You all treat each other with respect and dignity.
Our goodwill, commitment, energy and generosity has been called upon by Queensland Government in recent days to help out fellow students in Aurukun.  A dedicated team has been working hard to get materials to Aurukun to help the children with their schooling.
Finally Ms Brook read the last blog.  She is ‘fuming’ over the petrol bowser incident.  I thought she should just go with the ‘flow’ and not get ‘hung up’ on it.  Apparently not.  She has mentioned terms such as revenge, you’ll keep and when you least expect it.  Now I am nervous.
Enjoy your week year four and five.


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