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Face-to-Face Visits

Face-to-Face Visits Policy conducted by School Personnel (formerly Home Visits)



The provision provided by school or community service personnel visiting a student's home is regarded as supplementary to our school's core Community Engagement (Field Services) which include: Problem Based Learning Days, specific curriculum camps/activities, outreach, Celebration Week and scheduled lessons.  Only when these services do not meet the majority of a student's needs will a face-to-face visit be considered.
This change in policy has been necessitated by the following factors:
  • Risk assessment factors for employees travelling
  • Legal liability issues for staying on site
  • Technological advances have become more sophisticated with access to higher speed internet
  • Impact of other students in the class if their teacher is absent for a number of face-to-face visits

Values & Beliefs

There are two broad types of Face-to-Face Visits, those that are requested by parents or our partner schools, and visits that are required as decided by Cairns SDE.

Requested Visits:  include face-to-face visits and school-based enrolment visits.
Face-to-face visits may occur in the following circumstances:
  • A specific identified need is evident
  • The need cannot be serviced through the school's major services
  • The process remains within the school's budgetary guidelines
  • Major services are not disadvantaged - including scheduled lessons for the remainder of the class
  • The family or school extends an invitation for the visitation to occur


The decisions as to whether face-to-face visits occur, and the programming of the visits, will be the responsibility of the Principal or delegates.  The Principal will consult with participants in each instance.  These participants may include teachers, specialist teachers, parent liaison officer or guidance officer.

Face-to-Face Visit Policy (Docx, 386 KB)

Face-to-Face Visit Request Form (PDF, 412 KB)